Our school opened its doors in 1999 ; its founders included two alumni of the first Montessori School of Geneva. At that time, the school was intended only for children from three to six years old. Two years later, we added a class for children six to twelve years old and moved into our present building, a five-minute walk from the Railroad Station and close to the lake.

At present, the school has three sections : for children 3 to 6, 6 to 12, and 12 to 16 years old. Our staff, who followed the Montessori AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) training, is supplemented by teachers who instruct the older children in subjects such as Latin, Greek, and mathematics. Some particular cases and a number of special requests impelled us to develop skills in order to offer support to specially-gifted children. The Montessori pedagogy plus a sensitive awareness of their specific needs serve these students well and the offer of a more intense, more diversified and advanced program leads them to become fully active participants in their class.

Owners of the building since July 2010, we renovated it to meet the needs of the Montessori education in the best way we can. A class preparing for the Swiss Maturité exam started running in September 2011, while new classes for the middle-school section opened in September 2012. At the moment, the Montessori School occupies two floors of the building.

In 2017, our school became a member of the AVDEP (Association Vaudoise des Ecoles Privées), being the second Montessori school in Suisse romande to be part of such an association.