Pedagogy and Curriculum

Our school has been founded in 1999, and today it occupies two entire floors of a completely renovated building to meet its needs. We welcome children from the age of 2 onwards, from preschool to secondary level.

Montessori 3-6

Kindergarten (3 to 6 years-old)

It is through appropriate work and activities that the character of the child is transformed. Work influences his development in the same way that food revives the vigor of a starving man. We observe that a child occupied with matters that awaken his interest seems to blossom, to expand, evicing undreamed of character traits; his abilities give him great satisfaction, and he smiles with a sweet and joyous smile.
Maria Montessori, 1949

At the very start of her research, Maria Montessori turned to examine the impact of education during the first years of life. Continue Reading →

Montessori 6-12

Elementary classroom (6 to 12 years-old)

We are confronted with a considerable development of consciousness that has already taken place, but now that consciousness is thrown outwards with a special direction, intelligence being extroverted, and there is an unuasual demand on the part of the child to know the reasons for things.
Maria Montessori, 1943

At about the age of seven, the child makes a transition from the sensorial and the tangible to abstraction, for it is at this age that the need for abstraction and intellectualization arises. Continue Reading →

Middle School

middle school curriculum

All men must be taught to see the world in all its grandeur, to extend the limits of their lifes, to make their individual personalities reach out and touch those of others.
Maria Montessori, 1939

Adolescence is a time of thoroughgoing transformation, both at the physical level and at the psychological and moral level. During this delicate transition period, the young person needs to be led to understand the role he or she is going to play as an adult in society. Continue Reading →


Montessori states that we are accustomed to thinking that it is we who mould the child from outside, rather than realising that it is the children who must form themselves.
Paula Polk Lillard, 2017

Subjects learnt from 3 to 16 years old:
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Who are we?


Our school opened its doors in 1999 ; its founders included two alumni of the first Montessori School of Geneva. At that time, the school was intended only for children from three to six years old. Two years later, we added a class for children six to twelve years old and moved into our present building, a five-minute walk from the Railroad Station and close to the lake. Continue Reading →

Charter / Code


Offrir, tout au long du parcours scolaire des élèves, une éducation envisagée comme une formation complète de l’individu, en lui fournissant un cadre propice aux besoins de son intelligence et au développement de son autonomie de travail.
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