Middle School

middle school curriculum

All men must be taught to see the world in all its grandeur, to extend the limits of their lifes, to make their individual personalities reach out and touch those of others.
Maria Montessori, 1939

Adolescence is a time of thoroughgoing transformation, both at the physical level and at the psychological and moral level. During this delicate transition period, the young person needs to be led to understand the role he or she is going to play as an adult in society. Young people are at this time impelled by a new inner force which clamors for logic; they need to be offered specific goals which not only provide immediate satisfaction in their work, but also help to sustain their motivation to keep on striving. Maria Montessori considered that “…it is at this time that the sense of justice and of personal dignity should develop : a human being’s noblest features, which mold him into a social being” (From childhood to adolescence).