Scientific research on Montessori Pedagogy

The Ecole Montessori Vevey and several of it’s children participated activelly to this research, one of the few existing at an international level. Abstract Studies have shown scholastic, creative, and social benefits of Montessori education, benefits that were hypothesized to result from better executive functioning on the part of those so educated. As these previousContinue reading Scientific research on Montessori Pedagogy

Press articles

On the Montessori pedagogy Le Temps, mai 2015 Pédagogie Montessori. Penser différemment, ça s’apprend 24 heures formation, mars 2015 La méthode Montessori crée-t-elle de meilleurs cerveaux? L’Hebdo, février 2015 Maria Montessori, saison 2 on our school Echo magazine, mai 2017 Montessori, j’aime bien 24 heures, janvier 2016 Vieille d’un siècle, la méthode montessori est enContinue reading Press articles

Scientific articles and videos

journal Mind, Brain and Education, 2020 Effects of Traditional Versus Montessori Schooling on 4- to 15- Year Old children’s Performance Monitoring – journal Scientific Report, 2020 Multisensory Gains in Simple Detection Predict Global Cognition in Schoolchildren – journal Science of Learning, 2020 An fMRI study of error-monitoring in Montessori and traditionally-schooled children – Journal ofContinue reading Scientific articles and videos